Shiqiang (World Champion)perforating factory(Mainland China)and Jin Yifeng Industrial Co. , Ltd (Taiwan) have been professionally 
Perforating and developing perforating molds for fabrics and compo-nents for over 20 years.
We continuouslv innovate and improve our methods of perforating andwith the wealth of experience we apply to this field, have becometrusted and respected by our clients and partners We work hand in handwith our customers to provide the best service and solutions to theirperforation needs. No matter how complex or varied they may be.

Management principle

We constantly strive to give the best service, through innovation, respect for our colleagues and workers, while serving sociely and Our customers.

Working satisfaction

Customers are the key to the continued success of our business and that Success is based on trust, quality and service.

Working conditions

We believe in an open working environment with excellent communications between staff and management.  We focus on training and personnel development to get creativity and performance from our workers in a pleasant harmonious environment.

Business promotion

The entire organization strives for a sincere and trustworthy operation that enable s us to get ComPliments from and have a good reputation with our customers. We believe in long term commitment and relationships as well as social and environmental contributions to compliment our business philosophy.

We Create Value For Our Customers